Long history
with sealing

We deliver high quality sealing solutions and also large and demanding projects as well




Our company Tiipa

Tiivistepalvelu Oy is a specialist importer company from Turku, Finland. Our suppliers are distinguished companies operating around the world, and the products that we supply are under strict quality control. Tiivistepalvelu Oy was established in 1988, and ever since its establishment, it has operated in close cooperation with the process industry plants of Western Finland. Our clients range from nuclear power plants and pulp and paper mills to mining industries and chemical plants, practically covering all industries found in Finland. 

 We have specialized in the sealing solutions of industries, and we supply customized seals for a large number of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) clients. 

The quality control and traceability of products have grown to become even more important with the development of quality management. We recognize this and we are continuously developing our operations in order to be the pioneers of this way of thinking in Finland. 

We also supply polymer composite products increasingly with a turn key principle. These kind of projects can be very large, and project management skills and quality control related to these projects are of primary importance. When working with high-quality products, achieving high-quality results requires knowledge and accuracy: this is what we are experts in.  When managing challenging projects, a good guideline is, as the old saying goes, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. We offer a strong, unbreakable chain from our suppliers’ drawing boards all the way to our clients’ facilities. 

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